An explanation

This site is very simple. You upload photos, they get run through the excellent exiftool, and you download them again. One hour later they're wiped from the server permanently. There's no database, no user accounts, and nothing fancy happening behind the scenes.

One reason for the simplicity is what it's running on. The whole setup is running on a virtual server with 128mb of ram and 15gb hard drive space, via the helpful folk at BuyVM. This keeps the running costs pleasantly low but removes any scope for adding features.

If you're planning on removing exif data from a large number of files (in the hundreds), don't do it via this site. Try the previously mentioned exiftool or one of the many other options - even windows has a built-in exif removal tool now. It'll be much faster, trust me.

The Limits: For the sake of my tiny drive space and ram, I've limited the upload to 50mb or 100 files (whichever comes first) and each file to a max of 10mb.
Formats Accepted: gif, jpeg, png, psd, bmp, tiff, jpc, jp2, jpx, jb2, jpeg2000, ico, and some far less common formats. They won't all thumbnail correctly but the metadata will still be stripped from the files.

If you're using Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, I apologise. Getting multi-file uploads working with you guys is a lot of work, so you're stuck with uploading single images for now. If you have the option, Firefox and Chrome work best here.

If there's some kind of problem with the site, email me the details. If it's a problem with uploading a file, the minimum I'll need is the file type, name, size, and approximate time of upload (for example: my_dog_mittens.jpg, 2.4mb, 11pm GMT). Feature requests are also welcome, the simpler the better.